Three rings for the Elven-kings under the sky

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Aurion 448

Aurion has a newer deck inspired by this one: Variations on a theme - Three rings for the Elven-kings

This is the most powerful deck that I have designed so far. It is very thematic and so enjoyable to play.

Basically, the deck is designed to have Elrond wield his ring to bring powerful allies and artifacts into the game early on in order to establish a decent board state, so look for either Word of Command, Mirror of Galadriel or Vilya itself in your opening hand. Next is Nenya to make Galadriel a little more useful and Silver Harp to make sure some of our 'one-of' cards don't go walkies when scrying the deck with Galadriel's mirror. The other single most important card in this deck is Wizard Pipe. This not only enables Gandalf to help pay for any card in the deck but more importantly it will ensure that Elrond will be bringing in the big guns using his ring's ability. As we can see the top of the deck thanks to Gandalf, we know exactly when to use it. If we can get Radagast in early, he can help to pay for our eagle allies and we can get another pipe on him for even more resource smoothing as Gandalf will be able to pay for A Test of Will in the questing phase. Steward of Gondor is perhaps unnecessary with the inclusion of Gandalf's Staff but it can go on any of our heroes to great effect. I stick 1 copy of Unexpected Courage on Galadriel so we can use both her ring and her own ability and the other two go on Elrond with A Burning Brand and Protector of Lórien so he becomes an even more formidable defender. Gandalf has Shadowfax so he doesn't really need any more readying effects.

One last thing, don't forget about Elrond or Galdriel's other abilities. I made this mistake the first few play-throughs and although there is very little amongst our allies, being able to quest with Gildor, use his ability and then ready him as an extra defender/attacker using #Narya is pretty awesome. It is worthy to note that with Elrond in play, Radagast can heal 2 wounds on an eagle for 1 resource. Those with less health can be used as fuel for Eagles of the Misty Mountains.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy using this as much as I have...


Apr 12, 2018 The Purple Wizard 885

An eagle deck with no tactics heroes? Love it! I'm a bit curious about the choice of Gildor, though. What's the rationale there over your other options?

Apr 13, 2018 The BGamerJoe 3368

This is a super strong deck! Very well built. I played a few games with it and featured it on my blog:

Thanks for sharing it!

Apr 15, 2018 Aurion 448

@The Purple Wizard thanks! I chose Gildor to provide some extra manipulation of the deck to make full use of Gandalf's ability and Elrond with Vilya. It could be argued that Imladris Stargazer is better at this but Gildor has got much better stats and as he'll probably be coming in for free I prefer Gildor over the stargazer because of his ability to swap one of the cards in your hand. it's effectively another Wizards Pipe for Gandalf! Admittedly, if Gandalf and Radagast both have a pipe each, his ability becomes less useful but he provides some questing power and can defend pretty well too. @The BGamerJoe thanks very much! I'll take a look at your blog. I think this might be the first time any of my decks has had such an honour! Hopefully this is a sign my deck building is improving! :-)