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Seastan 18136

A solo aggro deck built around drawing a ton of cards and then riding the line between 45 and 50 threat.


The team of Kahliel and Boromir is unique in that both heroes have an innate ability for frequent readying. This makes them ideal targets for Peace, and Thought because you get 5 cards for 1 resource and basically no downside.

The first few turns are worth taking a close look at.

First Turn

Mulligan for Peace, and Thought above all else. Don't pay for any cards on your first turn. In the first refresh phase, use Grima's ability to play Peace and Thought for free by exhausting Kahliel and Boromir.

Hopefully you will draw into a Tighten Our Belts to play giving you a resource on each hero (if not, you can use Heed the Dream to dig for it and at least get a resource on Boromir and Kahliel). Then, you can ready Boromir and Kahliel and exhaust them a second time for a second Peace and Thought.

If you don't open with any P&T, use Grima to play Heed, digging for a P&T or a Belts.

Second Turn

On the second turn, you can ready Boromir and Kahliel again, and now you have ~8 resources and lots of cards with minimal impact from all the hero exhausting. Steward goes on Kahliel of course.

Later Turns

The deck should have all the questing you need with Kahliel and his Headdress.

Boromir can't stop everything with his shield, which is why you have Warden of Healing.


Your threat skyrockets pretty fast with Boromir and Grima on the same team, not to mention all the extra exhausts Boromir has to do to sit and think peacefully. For threat management you have Sneak-Gandalf, but I actually prefer to use that for more card draw. The other threat reduction comes from Favor of the Valar. In late game you will often be overflowing with resources so it isn't hard to play this a bunch of times if needed.

The White Council is here primarily to cycle Peace, and Thoughts back into the deck, but it can also shuffle in your Sneak Attacks for more threat reduction.


Apr 20, 2018 felswrath 63

Awesome Harad deck! I don't see Gondorian Fire out there, although you mention it in the write-up.

Instead of resource acceleration, I made a Harad deck with Elrond, Spirit Glorfindel and Kahliel star gazing and cheating my Harad allies into play. It worked well solo. I love this take though.

Apr 20, 2018 Seastan 18136

@felswrathThanks! Gondorian Fire was in an earlier version of the deck, so thanks for spotting that.

Apr 20, 2018 SamthemanGamgee 346

This looks like a solid deck, i cant wait to try it! Too bad i cant use it in my group, no one there likes doomed :p

Apr 21, 2018 Marcelf 382

Nice deck! the Tighten Our Belts and Peace, and Thought combo is so good in Harad decks!

Dont you find Harad are a bit weak on ? i put Treebeard in my own Harad deck and i find him very useful.

With 2 heroes having more than 3 , why dont you play Ioreth instead of one Warden of Healing ?

Anyway thanks for making Harad gameplay shine^^

Apr 21, 2018 Seastan 18136

@MarcelfGlad you like the deck!

No I don't generally feel a lack of here, especially with Boromir and Kahliel both being able to defend and attack in the same phase.

I went with Warden of Healing here because there isn't just 1 dedicated defender here. Boromir, Jubayr, and Kahliel might all end up taking small amounts of damage when defending which the Warden is ideal for.

Apr 23, 2018 死锁 82

Nice deck! It's interesting that my harad deck is a secrecy theme deck but yours has a quite high threat. (although mine is not for solo)

Apr 24, 2018 The BGamerJoe 1633

I got to play several games with this deck and featured it on my blog:

Plays fast and exciting!

Apr 24, 2018 kypatzer 19

It would be nice if we had better Valour cards to pair with this deck. The Red Arrow is the only one I saw that has potential.