Stranded in Harad - the Scout/Corsair deck

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Mortendall 365

Are you ready to party like a scout?

I wanted to build a thematic deck for the Harad box and thought to myself: Which characters could be stranded there? I liked the idea of the Corsair Na'asiyah as one character. If this band is going to continue North to Rhovanion it made sense to include a Dale character, and hence Lanwyn was included. Finally, it made sense to have Idraen as a drifter. And I really liked the idea of building a deck around the scout trait.

This deck wants to get action advantage. Get locations (with Dunedain Pathfinder or through regular questing) and clear them each round to ready Idraen. Card with surge? This will boost the willpower of Lanwyn or ready her if you need her attack power. Finally you have Na'asiyah to take care of enemies. Between her resources not being needed for anything (besides some events), Feint , Close Call and the possibility of putting Unexpected Courage or a Magic ring on her (if you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it!) then her boosting power is capable of handling most enemies - especially if Idraen readies from clearing a location.

Getting Arwen and some questers in your opening hand is a good idea - Arwen enables Heirs of Earendil which is your safety valve if you get location locked. After some rounds, you should have at least 3 scout allies on the table. If you then draw into a Scouting party you can essentially quest for 20 willpower with 5 characters. Really nice for making a push. The deck may struggle against battle heavy quests, but I've found that Na'asiyah can count for a lot. especially if you get a Dunedain Hunter or 2 into play.



Jun 18, 2018 Wandalf the Gizzard 1237

You could add Jubayr or Yazan for extra theme.

Jun 18, 2018 Mortendall 365

Yazan is tricky because Na'asiyah can't be used to pay for allies. Jubayr might be a good idea as it would open up Na'asiyah from blocking 3 attack enemies, but I kept the Harad allies out of there as you haven't met them at the onset of the Harad quest.

One thing I would have liked was to include more side quests, to take advantage of the high questpower. But I just found that the Harad quests require too much speed, so they ended up getting sliced.

Jun 18, 2018 Wandalf the Gizzard 1237

Good Points.

Jun 19, 2018 Taurelin 218

I like the selection of your heroes, as they all seem to me quite underrated. On the upside, you probably can bring this deck to any multiplayer-table without having to argue who can use which heroes. :-)

As far as Na'asiyah is concerned, I always prefer to use her flexible ability for raw attack power instead of "wasting" her resources to survive while defending. Therefore, I highly recommend Feint and Quick Strike to avoid enemy attacks. Jubayr, who has already been mentioned, is an excellent addition, too.

If you like, you can have a look at my current Na'asiyah-deck: Playtesting has been quite successful (and a lot of fun).

Jun 29, 2018 Mortendall 365

Thanks Taurelin, part of the intention of this deck was to try out some heroes that do not get so much shine. I was inspired by a CotR discussion where someone (I think it was Electronjon) brought up Na'asiyah and I wanted to build something around her ability.

Good point about the attack vs. defense. I did not even consider quick strike but that is a solid card to include. I would recommend a 3rd feint, but I currently have my remaining Feints in another deck, so i had only two available.

I like your Noldor/Corsair deck. Seems like we came to a lot of the same conclusions! And my compliments for the thorough deck testing. so far, I have run this one through the Harad box. i'm still torn about which hero to cut to enable Khaliel on board...