Hobbity Rangers Take No Notice

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Return2mirkwood2 2

I love Hobbits and Rangers, so wanted to put a deck together around them. I also really enjoy playing a leadership / lore deck but often have high starting threat problems because I just want to play Aragorn and Treebeard and smash everything to pieces.

Thematically, I can see these heroes going off into Mirkwood, sneaking around and picking off orcs and heading back to The Prancing Pony for a pint or two with some tales to tell the Barliaman.

One of my favourite heroes though is Lore Pippin, I really like his low threat, passive engagement cost effect and card draw. This deck plays off the engagement check mechanic: Pippin increases the engagement cost of the energy to allow Sam to trigger, Faramir also triggers an ally when you engage. There are a few high cost unique allies in the deck (e.g. Gimli) that can quest, ready, and then fight!

There are a number of cards that trigger when you engage an enemy with a higher threat than you, or can push up the threat to trigger your abilities (Take No Notice, 0 cost with this hero combo).

Let me know what you think, I have a fairly limited card pool but would use any recommendations for my next pack purchase!


Apr 19, 2016 Libro Rojo 171

Lórien's Wealth?, too expensive. I recommend Daeron's Runes, or Deep Knowledge only two (because is Doomed 2). I read that your card pool is limited, maybe you can try Gleowine, He is in the Core Set.

Apr 19, 2016 Return2mirkwood2 2

Thanks @Libro Rojo - I was sifting through my cards looking for some more card draw effects but I'll take a look at those suggestions.

I haven't really played with the Doomed keyword yet, but I do have 'Voice of Isenguard' expansion so I could work around that.