Hobbity Rangers Take No Notice

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Return2mirkwood2 4

I love Hobbits and Rangers, so wanted to put a deck together around them. I also really enjoy playing a leadership / lore deck but often have high starting threat problems because I just want to play Aragorn and Treebeard and smash everything to pieces.

Thematically, I can see these heroes going off into Mirkwood, sneaking around and picking off orcs and heading back to The Prancing Pony for a pint or two with some tales to tell the Barliaman.

One of my favourite heroes though is Lore Pippin, I really like his low threat, passive engagement cost effect and card draw. This deck plays off the engagement check mechanic: Pippin increases the engagement cost of the energy to allow Sam to trigger, Faramir also triggers an ally when you engage. There are a few high cost unique allies in the deck (e.g. Gimli) that can quest, ready, and then fight!

There are a number of cards that trigger when you engage an enemy with a higher threat than you, or can push up the threat to trigger your abilities (Take No Notice, 0 cost with this hero combo).

Let me know what you think, I have a fairly limited card pool but would use any recommendations for my next pack purchase!


Apr 19, 2016 Libro Rojo 301

Lórien's Wealth?, too expensive. I recommend Daeron's Runes, or Deep Knowledge only two (because is Doomed 2). I read that your card pool is limited, maybe you can try Gleowine, He is in the Core Set.

Apr 19, 2016 Return2mirkwood2 4

Thanks @Libro Rojo - I was sifting through my cards looking for some more card draw effects but I'll take a look at those suggestions.

I haven't really played with the Doomed keyword yet, but I do have 'Voice of Isenguard' expansion so I could work around that.

Feb 28, 2018 Zamomin 67

I don't know if Deep Knowledge would make much sense in a Hobbit deck. But I do agree with the Gléowine recommendation.

I found this deck while looking for a Leeadership Faramir deck that I could play with my incomplete card pool. Unfortunately, I have to say that it had trouble to get going. I swapped out Steward of Gondor with Wealth of Gondor, because the friend with whom I played needed it for his deck. And even then I had too many Leadership ressources towards the end. So maybe increase the number of Songs of Wisdom in the deck? One copy seems too inconsistent to me either way, if you don't have a way (as for example Heed the Dream) to pull it out of the deck. Also I'd recommend removing Second Breakfast, because I don't really see a reason why it should be included. It can make sense, I think, if you have a lot of discard effects (either from hand or from the deck), but that's not the case in your deck. Better put more card draw in there instead. Also the idea of having Sneak Attack together with Galadriel and Elrond is a nice one, but I'd recommend upping the quantity of each card to three to make it more consistent. Steward of Gondor is such a good card that - if you put it into your deck at all - it should be nearly always a three-of (imo).

Hope that helped. Either way, thank you for posting the deck. I acquired Land of Shadows only recently and it was with this deck that I played the cards from that box for the first time. They're quite a bit of fun!