Chad's Campaign: The Tower of Cirith Ungol

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TheChad 8375

This is the deck I used to defeat The Tower of Cirith Ungol.

The video can be found here;

This is a version of my Ring Around the Rosie deck. I removed some the the boosting cards to make room for Infighting and Shadow of the Past. This quest has an unique mechanic that allows enemies to take damage or attack each other, those 2 cards can enhance that.

I place Steward of Gondor on Sam Gamgee in my video, but it is actually suppose to go on Pippin. However, if you find yourself in the situation I was in where you have a handful of cards, you might need to play it on Sam.

You will need to kill the Wraith on Wings as soon as possible. My plan was to hopefully have Treebeard and/or Rosie with a Fast-hitched Sam in play. Then engage the Wraith. Use Sneak Attack Gandalf to do 4 damage and let a boosted Sam defend (Hobbit Cloak plus his boons would work fine). Then attack with Gandalf, Treebeard/Sam-Rosie to do 4 more damage at least. Finally, play Gandalf the following turn to do the final 4 damage. I did not have a sneak attack but I had Sting, so that helped me. The attack power is there, it just takes some time to set up.

Later in the game you will have plenty of attack power to take down any other enemy. Defeating the Wraith is the hardest part of this scenario with this deck.