Solo Progression Series -- NM Journey to Rhosgobel

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MagicFlea 129

A progression series decklist for Journey to Rhosgobel in Nightmare Mode. Progression series uses cards available at release according to this list.

This quest is quite difficult, and I estimate this list wins less than 50% of the time, although I made sure to get two victories to ensure it wasn't a fluke. Despite potentially frustrating losses, I recommend trying it, as finding a path to victory requires correct sequencing, managing scarce resources, and risk assessment, which is part of what makes this game fun!

The general strategy is to clear Rhosgobel as soon as possible using Thror's Map or Asfaloth, stay in stage one while developing your board, healing Wilyador down to zero, and managing questing using Protector of Lórien and locations.

You must play around damage-dealing events to the greatest extent possible. Play only one Warden of Healing, do not quest with Bilbo until Fast Hitch is available, spread your zero-cost attachments around as soon as possible, and wait until before refresh to use Warden of Healing and Henamarth Riversong.

Finally, quest through stage two in one go, remembering that both Radagast and Elrond will be removed for using their healing effects while this quest stage is active.

The traps are the most disposable elements of the deck, and are mostly included for lack of anything better to do. Perhaps some events like Radagast's Cunning could assist in quest management. I wouldn't bother with Vilya or Gandalf, though, and Master of the Forge and Miner of the Iron Hills end up being unnecessary liabilities.