The Third Line of Children of Eorl

Roka 1134


This is my 2-handed fellowship I used to defeat the first 2 quests of The Children of Eorl, the first deluxe from the A long extended Party project. Beside the new heroes from the expansion it focuses on the 18th King oh Rohan and his wife, Éomer and Lothíriel. While Lothiriel's Alliance deck is a Rohan/Gondor ally swarm with the new contract The Last Alliance, Eomer's Hunters focuses on attachments with the Forth, The Three Hunters! contract and the Rohan staging area theme. Each deck has a detailled description how to play it.

Taking this fellowship blindly into The Childreon of Eorl quests (and packing a total of 6 A Test of Will cause who knows what treacheries Chris has designed for us), I could defeat Ambush at Erelas in two attempts and The Battle for the Beacon first try. I then played twice against The Horse Lord's Ire, but always threated out at stage 2.

Overall, this a really well designed expansion that could be official content, giving interesting options for gameplay while keeping an excellent theme. While there are some powerful player and horrible encounter cards, everything seems well balanced and in line with what we have seen before. A big thanks to the whole ALeP team for designing this expansion and keeping the game alive! I'm looking forward to the Oaths of the Rohirrim cycle and hoping for an Elfwine hero to include in this fellowship :)


Apr 13, 2021 Seastan 29328

Awesome fellowship! Really impressed with your blind first-attempt win at Beacon! Thanks for the kind words!