dwarfish company (with a little help)

doomguard 1105


a (hopefully?) high-end dwarfcombo with little help from galadriel and some allies (e.g. Gléowine)

i think that this combo can handle many (if not all) quests.

hardest quests will be these where you cannot or only reduce thread by 1 per round. not allowing reducing thread for the whole szenario does not exist, if i remember correctly, forbid threadreducing at all is only temporarily. reducing thread only by 1 per round exist in some szenarios. for that, there is galadriel in the one and Nori in the other deck. if temporarely reducing is allowed, try to play gandalfs and Double Back in that window.

strategic and tactical advice:

  • dain counts for all dwarfes, let him sitting unexhausted and be glad to have such a king :)
  • thorin has 4 dwarves at his side from the beginning (thx to Bombur ) so he get an additional res from the start, and dwalin can be payd for 1, if he can get an additional res (e.g. miruvor from the other deck) he can pay for gloin and give 2 res back
  • try make thorin the king under the mounain fast, he mines and get an additional card
  • khazad can be used for every dwarf on the table
  • thorongil on dain or gimli (if you need more defense dain is good, gimlis ability, if he is thorongil can ready e.g. dain)
  • steward on dain, with shield, he defend with 5
  • bifur can get res from every on the table
  • boost dain to defend both groups (destrider + armor from erebor + courage), bofur should defend the thorindeck until
  • Hardy Leadershipcounts for all dwarfes
  • play Lure of Moria in the most cruicial round and win
  • attach Legacy of Durin where it is more neded (in thorins deck with nori it makes an additional card and thread reductuion for the 1. dwarf every round)
  • Dori helps if you have to defend dragons or something like that from the start (dain defend naked with 5 suported by dori, and there are some armours out there)

note: except A Test of Will and Veteran Axehand it can be played with 1 set of cards (3 times each + additional gandalf) test of will can be replaced by a Dwarven Tomb and 1 axehand by any other tactic-dwarf-ally

did i miss something? some ideas to make it better?