The 36 Hunters

Truck 1048


This is a pretty simple jank fellowship, the idea is to get as many allies as possible to the 3H deck. My most was 33 allies. I'm hoping someone will beat my record (with this fellowship or a different one). Good luck!


Jan 09, 2022 doomguard 1127

just saying, as far as i understand the The Last Alliance -contract,you cannot cheat in devoted, because the devoted-rule stand not on a card in your hand or under your control.

but perhaps that was not part of your plan, with discount from theoden (that work with the contract) and the discount from contract itself, it has enough discount oerall.

why do you choose Dáin Ironfoot? you have neither included mining-cards nor thorongil+dwarfes nor Reforged? i would think only used as defender, Beregond would be better (perhaps in addition to some Open the Armory )

to hope of the benefit of Ring of Thrór is futile. only 1 copy and guarded, with luck you gain something in one of the last rounds, its not worth it, or if you can get it into play somehow, its only winmore.

Jan 09, 2022 banania 1283

Jan 09, 2022 Truck 1048

@doomguard, devoted was never meant to factor into the TLA deck, the main use of the contract was to manipulate Golden Crown. As for Dáin Ironfoot, I was just feeling like using dwarves on the particular day I made the deck, but there are definitely better options. Ring of Thrór was just a "if you draw it, cool." card, but never factored into the main plan of the deck. TBH the 3 hunters deck isn't very good, it's pretty replaceable, the only major thing that I needed it to do was help the Eagle deck draw cards via Gildor, but other than that it's pretty easy to swap cards out.

@banania, It won't fit into the TLA deck due to the TLA restriction of only Rohan and Eagle allies.

Jan 09, 2022 doomguard 1127

understandable, but in that case i would use Beravor instead of Gildor Inglorion

Jan 10, 2022 Truck 1048

@doomguard I considered Beravor, but I decided to use Gildor for his willpower.