The Middle Earth Olympics


Silvans are my favorite Archetype, but they have always struggled a little with combat, both handling enemy attacks and having a dedicated attacker to take down bigger enemies. Enter my mono tactics deck, designed to compliment the silvan deck and fill in those gaps. The Silvan deck is a typical one, and will handle the majority of the questing while also providing card draw and threat reduction with Beravor and Galadriel,some combat help in the forms of Feigned Voices, and various ranged allies that will be able to help dispatch enemies thanks to Celeborn's boosts. The Lord of Lorien himself should be a force to be reckoned with, once he gets Light of Valinor and a few Mirkwood Long-knifes. As for the Tactics deck, Hirgon is the main engine, reducing the cost of all the expensive allies, getting them into play in a timely manner, and even providing small and boosts. There are many ranged/sentinal allies here, to make sure that the silvans don't get into any trouble with having too many enemies to handle. Yazan and the Galadhon Archer's will help (MotK) Legolas, who gets most of the weapons here. Try to make good use out of RĂºmil, saving him for late game where you can play him and deal a bunch of damage to an enemy (and side note, any silvan allies in this deck also make use out of Celeborn's boosts!). Lastly, I choose (MotK) Legolas instead of his normal version because mono tactics frequently struggles with card draw, and I knew I needed card draw to get this engine going. In addition, Foe-hammer will give even more card draw, as will Beravor and Galadriel, as already stated.

One final note: these decks were made only with the cards that I own (i.e. the physical cards). I usually don't do this, but I wanted to play with this fellowship in person. So yeah, it's a bit of a hodgepodge of cards, and based on the cards I have, I might not be able to make some suggested changes. But nonetheless, I greatly appreciate the comments!!!