Dunedain + Elves

kaintxu 19


A Dunedin deck based on Angmar Awakened paired with elves of Lorien (both with some changes) for two new players hoping to go through a lot of campaign


Nov 22, 2022 Ring Maker 91

Valiant Sword requires a noble hero. Unfortunately, none of the heroes in the Dunedain deck are noble :(

Nov 23, 2022 kaintxu 19

@Ring Maker quite true. I was playing that same deck with Legolas (who is actually a noble) instead of Aragorn as my friend was using Aragon with Arwen and Eowyn on Angmar Awakened, and this was a modification to play with another friend another campaign. It really sucks as there is really no decent weapon for Aragorn (maybe dagger of westernese or dwarven axe)

I also messed out the elves deck with Rumil and the Bow of Galadrim which can´t go there as there is no Tactics resources.

Nov 23, 2022 doomguard 1422

Aragorn likes War Axe and Warrior Sword and there is also the Sword of Númenor i you want to boost also his defenses, he is a optimal target Raiment of War