Angmar Awakened - The Dread Realm


Use None Return to banish the Cursed Dead to the Victory Display and to strengthen Rossiel as a defender. Quest through Gather Information in the first stage to obtain Path of Need and use it in the second stage to fight Daechanar on better terms. √Čomer's splash damage with Firefoot and Gondorian Spearman's damage on defense can help discard the sorcery cards that prevent dealing damage to Daechanar in the second stage.


Mar 15, 2023 el-buberinio17 1

a nice one will definitely give it a go for the Angmar Awakened cycle.

Mar 30, 2023 ViniciusCS 154

Given the specificity of some of the card's effects, I wouldn't recommend trying it against other scenarios in the cycle without lots of changes, but by all means, have fun!