alone in dead marshes

doomguard 2095


in the near future i will play the campaign with 2 budies, and we want to play "original" means as close to the books as possible. this means specially for the dead marshes, there are no other characters than frodo, sam and smeagol/gollum.

this is a possibility to play it by stretching the rules of the campaign a bit:

note: th sam-player has only rev. cards, the others full cardpool

the altered rules for this setting:

  • frodo and smeagol can be used as heroes, no other characters as frodo, sam and smeagol/gollum
  • ring-frodo can be used as hero (playing other than the campaign, use spirit- or ld-frodo it becomes better)
  • buff the speciality of this campaignrules allowes to start with the booknamed artefacts, in this case sting and mithrilmail at frodo
  • nerf no allies or inapropiate attachements, so, no steward, horses, axes, swords,...
  • as long as gollum is in the victorypile, the smeagolplayer makes a pause

the only choice to play that is a fellowship of 3 grey wanderer

strategy: with grey wandererattachment frodo and sam get Friend of Friends and sam a Hobbit Cloak, so both can defend for 4-5 from the start. then give them Fireside Song an pile songs on them. smeagol supports and take evil cards out with Out of the Wild

same cofiguration can used against kankra.

the ringcards at sam should be replaced by Keen as Lances and 3 songs for the do it not here becasue the deck is needed in this version otherwise


Oct 20, 2023 NERD 845

How do you plan on playing The Great Hunt?

Oct 20, 2023 doomguard 2095

ignore that sideboard, was copied. cannot have 6 runes either ;) )