Fellowship of the Ring


This needs at least one copy of Steward of Gondor and Celebrían's Stone in the first few rounds to work well.

The Celebrían's Stone should definitely go to Aragorn to buy the spirit cards and to improve her willpower a lot.

As the two heroes can ready themselves under certain conditions, they are still able to help in combat. With some complement like Sword of Númenor for Aragorn and Hobbit Cloak and Dagger of Westernesse for Sam Gamgee are even better.

Working with Unexpected Courage will also help a lot to put Gimli or/and Merry to help with willpower.


Jan 04, 2024 immolation96 1

This is an exciting set up to play through the trilogy. I'm reading your description about having two copies of Celebrían's Stone out, and isn't it a unique card that can only have one copy out?

Jan 04, 2024 guichico 56

@immolation96 You are right, this is a unique card, I gonna fix the description. But I think it's still valid to have two copies in the deck to increase the probability of the card coming into your hand because in my tests this fellowhip is not one of the strongest in willpower.