Thematic Battle of the Pelennor Fields Fellowship


A quartet of decks used to tackle the Battle of the Pelennor Fields quest. The main goal of the decks is to have as many of the major players in the battle present as possible; Each of the four decks is themed around a specific event in the battle:

  1. The sally of Prince Imrahil and the Knights of Dol Amroth to cover Faramir's retreat
  2. The Defence of Minas Tirith by the Men of Gondor, led by Gandalf, who had returned Beyond All Hopel, alongside Pippin and Beregond
  3. The arrival of Théoden's host of Rohirrim and the Defeat of the Witch-King by Éowyn and Merry
  4. Éomer witnessing the arrival of the Grey Company, Legolas and Gimli at Harlond

There are some gameplay concessions - such as the sons of Elrond showing up in the Minas Tirith deck and some of the garrison (Honour Guard) showing up in the Grey Company deck, but I have tried to make these decks as thematically appropriate as possible. Each of the decks fulfills a particular role:

  1. The Gondor/Outlands deck is a jack of all-trades but epecially towards the end game is your main questing muscle
  2. The Gandalf deck is a toolbox deck that covers all the healing and much of the defending
  3. The Rohan deck is a tempo deck that does a lot of the early game questing as well as for that one turn (TM) where Eowyn goes completely ham.
  4. The Grey Company deck is your designated murder deck.

The decklists as is are those used to beat the quest, but I can still see room for additions, such as Ingold for the Leadership Gondor/Outlands deck, or a Captain of Gondor for the Beregond deck.