The Friendship of Saruman

Onidsen 1102


This is a thematic fellowship exploring the Rohan trait and the Isengard trait, built for the Experimental Deckbuilding series at my blog The White Tower.

Gríma and the other Isengard allies (Orthanc Guard most notably among them) key off of the Doomed keyword to speed up the deck's start and start getting Gandalf, Saruman, and Treebeard into play as needed, using Galadriel to offset the threat cost of doing so. On the other side of the table, Fastred counters the threat raise of the other deck, and Éomer takes advantage of sending enemies back to the staging area, also using his ability to clear Guarded player attachments without needing to engage the enemies they are attached to. If the Guarded cards are attached to locations instead, Rohan allies recycled by Gúthwinë can handle them instead.


Jan 09, 2019 Onidsen 1102

Note: this deck uses more copies of Rider of Rohan than you would have in a single collection. If you're trying to build this with a single collection, replace the 2 copies of the Rider in the Aid of Orthanc deck with 2 copies of Háma. The attack power is what the deck needs, any missing willpower can be made up for by the other deck.

Jan 22, 2019 The BGamerJoe 4826

I got to play a few games with these decks and had a good time! I wrote up my thoughts on the fellowship on my blog: Nice work!