Noble Men and Fair Elves


Designed for a 2-player, 2-handed fellowship, one person playing elves and the others men.

The Noldor, as they have always done, combat the threat of evil with their strength of willpower. In this endeavour they are ably supported by the sons and daughters of the House of Eorl. King Bard has opened the Armoury to his allies, and with the nobles of the Dunedain, Gondor, and Rohan, he is ready to for war. Aragorn and Beregond lead their guards to defend across the battlefield and Bard the Bowman and Faramir attack each other's engaged enemies from range. As enemy reinforcements appear they are struck from the shadows by the Silvans, led by Haldir of Lórien and Argalad. What elf-magic Rossiel has is unclear, but she ensures that enemies do not return, and increases her own power at the same time.