One-shotting Ered Mithrin

sappidus 565


It took me a while to beat the Withered Heath the first time, then not so long to beat Roam across Rhovanion, but with Fire in the Night I ran into a wall: it frustrated my usually janky builds to have to deal with so many big attacks. So I sat down and theory-crafted this fellowship.

I found to my surprise that it won not only FitN on the first attempt, but subsequently each of Ghost of Framsburg/Mount Gundabad/Fate of Wilderland on the first try, too! To see if I could complete the sweep, I went back with it to play Withered Heath and Roam, and it one-shot those too. Obviously this is not a large sample of trials—I could've just been lucky several times—but nevertheless, I was pleased to motor through the Ered Mithrin cycle and wanted to share the builds.

The / deck is pretty straightforward; the / is less so, being a minor variation on my Eventful deck that throws a bushel of events into an Erestor build. The cross-table synergy was moderate but satisfying: the Erestor deck would throw most of its attachments on the other side, and often use Woodmen's Clearings to keep the combat deck's threat low for both control purposes and to activate Unseen Strike. Gléowine, too, was usually used across the table. The fellowship's combined ability to place progress on locations was almost too good at times, as I would feel compelled to decline Legolas' Response sometimes to allow Ghân-buri-Ghân to quest for big values, heh.

Of minor note, the fellowship is legal for progression play of the EM cycle: the latest cards used were from Withered Heath. This includes the small sideboard substitution I made for Fire in the Night. Ignoring the progression thing, the fellowship as a whole proved good enough at clearing up the staging area that I would seriously consider adding something like Glamdring to really get Legolas a crazy amount of value.

(For 3– or 4–player, the heroes may be moderately big asks, but other than Glorfindel's usual toys, the other cards are pretty easy to swap out.)