44 - The Nin-in-Eilph (Progression Series)


This is another fellowship continuing on in my goal to play through all of the quests in release order to learn how all (or most) of the cards interact with one another. The first fellowship for the quests in the core set can be found here, and it contains a slightly more detailed overview of what I'm going for with building these decks. As always, any feedback is appreciated so that I can continue to learn more!

Alright, so...The Nin-in-Eilph. I'll be honest, this quest caused me to take quite a break from continuing through progression style. It has probably been my least favorite quest that I've played. Part of the issue is that I really wanted to avoid using Dwarf Swarm/Vilya/Splorfindel to beat it. As such, these two decks are certainly not the best possible decks to take at this quest (though I was able to beat it with them), but I really wanted to move along, so I decided that "good enough" would have to suffice.

The Silvan deck is incredibly straightforward Silvan play. Standard hero lineup, along with all of the bouncing events, allies, and Haldir weapons that you would expect. The doomed deck is a little more of a mess, and honestly not that great due to the absolute reliance on getting that Song of Kings into play. Desperate Alliance can be used once Celebrían's Stone has been dug up to help reduce the threat of the Silvans. I really wanted to try out a bunch of the new Doomed cards that I haven't gotten a chance to see before, and picked probably the worst quest in the cycle to try them out, but at least I now know how they all work, and can come back to them at a more opportune time in the future. I bit off a bit more than I could chew, and tried to have the deck do too many things, it would probably be a lot better with a Spirit hero than having Mablung, especially in a quest without many enemies to trigger his effect.