Is Treebeard ready?



A pair of decks made from the first 2 full cycles, some of Against the Shadow and the first 4 saga expansions. I wanted to use Théoden and also wanted to make a Treebeard deck.

I decided to go with mono-spirit to make the most of the Rohan allies I've got. I did consider DĂșnhere instead of Glorfindel but I thought the starting threat would be too high to make use of his ability, and without weapons he is weak. I chose Hobbits with Treebeard to keep starting threat low. I did think about Merry over Sam but I wanted Steward of Gondor and - I think seems to work better with Treebeard.

Quest History

I have been playing through all my quests with these decks and have got as far as Dwarrowdelf. It has gone reasonably well so far, in full: Passage through Mirkwood 2/2, Journey down the Anduin 2/2, Escape from Dol Guldur 1/2, The Hunt for Gollum 1/2, Conflict at the Carrock 1/2, A Journey to Rhosgobel 2/2, The Hills of Emyn Muil 2/2, The Dead Marshes 1/2, Return to Mirkwood 1/2, The Seventh Level 2/2, The Redhorn Gate 2/2, Road to Rivendell 1/2, The Watcher in the Water 2/2, The Long Dark 2/3.

I intend to revisit the quests I have only one win against, possibly with some revisions to the decks but so far I haven't made any major changes. I have made small alterations for AJtR, TDM, TRG and RtR, see the deck descriptions for full details.

For general strategy see the individual decks.

I happy to hear feedback if anyone has any ideas or about possible changes, preferably from the sets listed above. Thanks!