valour to win 4 pl-edition

doomguard 427


Spirit of this fellowship is, to make them all valour, and use the benefits of that.

usually within the 2. round all decks could have thread of 40 or more, or if there is no cursed from the encounterdeck 3. round. (the wandering kings only, if they found pillars of the kings) the boromirdeck should use his ability twice/three times (captains wisdom) a round to get there fast.

the list of valour-benefits:

  • all decks have "need drives them", what is a great card with 4 players all in valour
  • 10 events with valour in the friendship-deck
  • angbor
  • knight of dale
  • veteran of osgiliath
  • honor guard
  • valiant sword
  • shining shield
  • red arrow
  • soldier of gondor

some advice for the single decks:


  • mulligan for vlya, then pay an cheap ally and vilya one in. after 3 rounds the contract can stand
  • use greetings to reduce threat in the mid-lategame, where it is needed.
  • lembas to treebeard
  • need can be played with vilya or from the top or when gandalf has narya
  • narya can be used, to ready healers


  • he has much targets to give ressources to. the steward should either go to him or to faramir. if the gandalfdeck has his hands full of allys, that is perhaps another soloution.
  • has much valourevents and some valourallys, try to get them into play.
  • beregond is a good target for courages from the gandalfdeck

gondorian blood:

  • help the wandering kings to fullfill their contract early
  • equip boromir with weapons and beregond with armor, and try to let him kill 2 enemies a round (perhaps defended by beregond)
  • play as many allies as possible and visionary leadership (counts for the gondorallys of other decks too)

wandering kings:

  • mulligan for king under the mountain or pillars of the kings
  • draw cards, when the kings reveal themselfes (pillars)
  • try flip contract soon
  • use well equipped
  • use combination of vanish from sight and pillars of kings later in the game, to reduce your thread to 40 and draw cards for no cost (need both cards play vanish 1.)

Nov 09, 2020 askelad 193

very original fellowship! i'm surprised not to see Pillars of the Kings though. The new contract A Perilous Voyage could add even more flavor in the same themes.

any reason for 2 wandering kings instead of three aside from roleplay, fliping The Three Hunters faster and a single Strider? that seems too little payoff for sacrificing a hero.

Nov 09, 2020 doomguard 427

only 2 kings:

  1. strider is more effective
  2. look closely, there are the pillars of kings ;), and, they are also more effective with thread below 30
  3. vanish from sight only works with 2 max. heroes.
  4. the combo reduce tread for no cost only works with the combination of vanish and pillars (if you have thread above 40 e.g. 47, use vanish then your temporarily thread is 20 then use pillars draw 3 cards and set your thread to 40 where it stays.) this was not my idea originally. comes from

Nov 10, 2020 askelad 193

my bad, i was tired and i didn't pay attention while reading, now i get it ^^ too bad the wandering kings don't have access to , O Elbereth! Gilthonial! makes a wicked combo with Vanish from Sight

Nov 10, 2020 doomguard 427

i think u can add some songs to get spirit and ring of baharir for aragorn too, but i think the vanish will be used with the pillars and then cannot be used with elbereth. you have to decide. in a fellowship that does not support thread 40 elbereth would be better.