Oath of Eorl

Event. Cost: 3.

Play only if you control a unique character with the Rohan trait and another unique character with the Gondor trait.

Response: At the beginning of the combat phase, you resolve the step in which you attack enemies before resolving enemy attacks this phase. (Each other player resolves the combat phase as normal after you resolve your attacks.)

Rafał Hrynkiewicz

The Black Serpent #85. Tactics.

Oath of Eorl

This card might be hard to pull off (due to the high cost and Trait restriction) but when it comes online it's really a thing of beauty. Not having to worry too much to handle defenses but also having to attack and kill some enemies later, but having the freedom to fully commit to attacking is quite liberatory. It can be combined with The Hammer-stroke (and possibily Hour of Wrath + Éowyn) to better cover the combat across the table. In that case some Good Meal help might be needed, maybe in a Éowyn / Merry deck (or even a MotK Pippin)

Sure Thicket of Spears is an alternative but they fulfill different objectives (and have different restrictions to keep in mind), the main difference being that Oath of Eorl might let you destroy an immune enemy before it attacks, while Feint and Thicket of Spears cannot.

I absolutely agree. Plus, if you're able to add Steward of Gondor to your deck you don't even have to rely on a built in Gondor trait as SoG provides this. Not only that, but it makes paying for this card much easier in combo with what you mentioned above! — Uruk-guy 535