When Rangers and Hobbits Go To War

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BrandonB 13

I hadn't seen a deck using this combination of heroes and wanted to see what I could come up with. Feedback more than welcome.

I made a slight change to the deck by adding in Gandalf and Behind Strong Walls. What I'd like to find room for Straight Shot with all my shield reduction, but to do that, I'd need to add in 3 weapons, probably Dagger of Westernesse. Any ideas on what 6 cards to take out, if it's worth it?

I choose Pippin over Halbarad or Amarthiúl because of the lower threat and extra card draw. Also, with Aragorn's ability, adding an extra optional engagement (that doesn't trigger Mablung) could just add more foes than the deck can clear. And while that's good for Halbard's ability (and/or for Amarthiul) that's also extra blocks that need to be accounted for every turn. Thoughts?