Exploitation of Miners

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Pirate Brahm 1038

Pirate Brahm has a newer deck inspired by this one: Erebor Unbound: Hardy Party

Pirate Brahm has a newer deck inspired by this one: Erebor Unbound: Miner Nuisance

Pirate Brahm has a newer deck inspired by this one: Exploitation of Miners 2.0

Pirate Brahm has a newer deck inspired by this one: Team Meaty 2

(Updated after some playtesting. I added another Zigil Miner, an extra King Under the Mountain, and replaced Dwarven Shield with Armored Destrier, allowing Dain Ironfoot to ready after defending.)

This is my take on a Dwarf mining deck, but with help from Gandalf to provide some much-needed light to dig by.

Gandalf's ability allows you to view and play the top card of your deck once per phase. Combine that with low-cost cards, deck-grinding, and when discarded effects from dwarf miners, and you end up with a deck that is going to give you a lot of options each turn. The goal is to use mining to set up the top card for Gandalf, and to use Gandalf to set up the top card for mining. This one is a lot of fun to play.

The cards you're looking for in your opening hand (in order) are Wizard Pipe, Zigil Miner, or Narvi's Belt. The belt or the pipe will help you get Expert Treasure-hunter into play, which will prime the card draw engine. Zigil Miner will guarantee at least 1 resource per activation and clear off unwanted top cards.


-Expert Treasure-hunter will discard Hidden Cache, which will drop resources prior to you drawing it. Wizard Pipe it back onto the deck for the next quest phase if you need more resources. You can also play it to draw away that useless top card so Gandalf has something he can use his ability on.

-Use Expert Treasure-hunter on Ered Luin Miner, but don't call Ally. He'll pop into play for free rather than going into your hand.

-Use Miruvor to smooth resources. Play it on Dain Ironfoot or Nori. Have one of them gain a resource, send it to the top of the deck, and have Gandalf play it again. Play We Are Not Idle and exhaust that hero to generate another resource. Discard Miruvor to ready up and give you one more resource.

-Flame of Anor pops an Ered Luin Miner into play while readying Gandalf with +3 attack.

-You can sneak Bofur into the quest from the top of your deck, and then he sneaks into your hand after questing successfully. (Effectively a free draw and +2 to the quest total for the cost of 1 resource)

-Keep your Dwarf Pipe ready in case Will of the West gets knocked off the deck. You're going to need it to reshuffle that discard pile at least once.

-Shadow cards bugging you? Use Gandalf's Staff to knock the first one off an enemy, block that one with Armored Destrier on Dain Ironfoot to discard the other.


Feb 15, 2017 WanderingTook 1347

This deck has been featured in a spotlight article by Cardboard of the Rings: cardboardoftherings.com

Feb 17, 2017 WingfootRanger 2628

This looks like all sorts of tricky fun. I have thought about dwarf mining before, but I didn't consider using Gandalf until I saw your deck. I can see now how much he adds to the archetype. Great deck Pirate!

Mar 28, 2017 Pirate Brahm 1038

Thanks again, Took and Wingfoot! I haven't built a Dwarf deck since the Hobbit saga, and thought it would be a bit fun to further exploit Gandalf's ability. This deck started out with BFF Gimli/Legolas from Sands of Harad, but I found myself adding more and more dwarves as I built it up. Eventually they both were replaced with Dain and Nori. I'll have to get back to finishing that deck some day, but for the meantime I want to try to build a Tactics Gimli deck to work alongside this one.

May 12, 2017 Pirate Brahm 1038

I got around to building a fellowship around this deck. Instead of going with Gimli Tactics, I went with Gloin/Healing: ringsdb.com