Arrows of Lorien

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Durins_Father 1109

The basis of this deck is direct damage and a solid combo with Argalad, Mirkwood Long-knife and Fair and Perilous to make sure that even enemies with high take at least a point of damage each turn. You can leave them in the Staging Area and have Argalad or get Legolas or Argalad to equip a Great Yew Bow with a Black Arrow to destroy it in the staging area.

This deck underperforms when it comes to defending, you can try and block with Defender of the Naith, but against high hitting enemies, chumping is your best bet. I'd combo this heavy Ranged deck with a solid Sentinel deck or with someone who takes all the enemies. You do get 2 Feints to bail you out if need be. Just keep the resources open for them.

That said, this deck can dispatch smaller enemies quite well in the staging area and if they are all engaged with an enemy. Return Silvan Refugee to your hand with Pursuing the Enemy to deal 1 point of damage to each enemy engaged with a player. Or use Rain of Arrows and exhaust a Galadhon Archer to do the same. Questing is mostly done by the cards in this deck, losing Celeborn in your hero slot does hurt a little with this, but Galadriel can keep every ally that hits the table ready while questing in the turn they entered play. The Galadriel's Handmaiden and Silvan Refugee make up for some solid . Argalad can join with either Light of Valinor or/and Unexpected Courage. Legolas helps in questing by destroying enemies, try and get a Unexpected Courage on him for maximum effect.

The amount of damage that can be done to an enemy by RĂºmils effect is insane. A maximum of about 9 direct damage in enough to take out a medium sized Troll. The minimum on his effect will be about 3-4 damage, which is nothing to sneeze at.


Argalad -- Light of Valinor,Unexpected Courage, Mirkwood Long-knife(2x) or Great Yew Bow and Black Arrow.

Legolas -- Unexpected Courage, Rivendell Blade(2x), Lembas or Black Arrow and Great Yew Bow.

Galadriel -- Nenya, Mirror of Galadriel, Unexpected Courage to use both her effect and Nenya's.

Thalin has been added to the sideboard as a way to inflict more damage to enemies when they enter play. Between him and the other direct damage effects, you should be able to dispatch some awful enemies before they engage you. Arrows from the Trees can also be used to great effect if there are a lot of enemies with high engagement costs in the staging area.