Crownless Kings: Conflict at the Carrock

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This is a generally thematic deck for the "Conflict at the Carrock" Adventure Pack in the Shadows of Mirkwood cycle.

Generally, there are five objectives that I'm looking to accomplish in this deck:

  • First, as per the Silvan strategy generally, we want to be bouncing low cost Silvan allies for either bringing in more powerful allies or for their Enter the Battlefield (ETB) effects. There are a series of key combos here: for instance using The Tree People and Silvan Refugee or Galadhrim Minstrel to bring into play some of the high cost allies like Haldir of Lórien or Rúmil. But, almost all of the Silvan allies have some kind of useful ETB effect. The Island Amid Perils bounce effect is especially pertinent in this deck, where we want to keep the threat as low as possible to avoid engaging four (and sometimes five!) trolls all at the same time.

  • Next, with Argalad's ability, the Great Yew Bow and Arrows from the Trees, this deck looks to consistently do significant damage to enemies in the staging area. There's possibly a place for Hands Upon the Bow in this strategy as well, and future iterations might substitute it for Bow of the Galadhrim. Either way, when combined with Fair and Perilous, which is especially good on Glorfindel, but perfectly fine on Argalad, I'm looking to dictate when the enemies come down from the staging area, and making sure that they are significantly wounded by the time they come down.

  • Third, I needed a way for this deck to generate Leadership resources, so staples A Good Harvestand Song of Kings are intended to do that. Leadership resources here are important: first to play O Lórien! which is an all round all star, but moreso to get Grimbeorn into play on my side. There is a way to do this built into the adventure, but it is so unreliable that it is basically useless.

  • I'm also looking to get some of the key events into my hand - namely Power of Orthanc to get my heroes out of troll sacks and The Galadhrim's Greeting to keep my threat low. Galadhrim Minstrel is invaluable for this.

  • Finally, and as always, I want to weaponize Glofindel as soon as possible – with Asfaloth and Light of Valinor, which is pretty cliche, but irresistibly powerful.