Silvan of Arnor

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Silvan of Arnor [2-Deck]
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Warden of Arnor 2511

A Silvan deck built for my Archetype Analysis series, trying to focus as much as possible on the Silvan deck archetype - this is why staples like Gandalf and significantly A Test of Will are relegated to the sideboard, since they're not Silvan cards.

This focused approach is also the reason for the hero lineup including the somewhat thematic Galadriel and the rather less thematic Prince Imrahil, as their abilities are better suited to the Silvan playstyle than any of the heroes who actually have the Silvan trait themselves besides Celeborn.

While the general playstyle is very focused on the allies popping in and out of play via the events, the attachments are the most significant things for an opening hand, with Elf-friend for Imrahil being perhaps the most significant. Nenya, while it can obviously help with questing especially early on, is most relevant simply for providing the necessary icon to play Galadhrim Minstrel and The Tree People.

If wishing to sub cards in from the sideboard, the most expendable cards are probably A Good Harvest, perhaps Tighten Our Belts, and Silvan Tracker if healing is either less necessary or available elsewhere.

In general piloting this deck is just a matter of picking the right allies for the right moment. Between Imrahil's ability and Sneak Attack there are multiple means of bringing the allies in to deal with unexpected emergencies.


Apr 13, 2017 TheChad 2296

Silvan deck? Like & Favorited! And I have been itching to put Imrahil in a Silvan deck.