Elf-Friend Shenanigans

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toxiczammy 134

Simply a weird deck. Since we don't have access to the Legacy Blade yet, I thought I'd try Elf Friending Prince Imrahil or Thurindir to put the Mirkwood Long-knife and Light of Valinor on someone. Seems like a lot of work for only two cards, because all of the allies share at least one trait, other than silvan or noldor, with Imrahil. However, I have found this deck to be a ton of fun! Especially after completing the side quest that Thurindir inevitably pulls out of your deck. This makes it easier to kick off the previously mentioned combo with Elf-friend, and allows for Arwen Undómiel to pass resources. Also, I tried to find a good portion of allies that had effects that would happen after entering play. Surprisingly, most of them are not Silvan, but one could sub in Silvan allies since Elf Friend is easy to guarantee with Gather Information.

Let me know what you think!


Side note: Radagast isn't a must have and neither are the wizard pipes. They could definitely be subbed out for other cards in the sideboard. Just a weird combo to Guarantee an ally card to be pulled by Imrahil's ability.


Apr 14, 2017 WingfootRanger 1139

Wow, I don't think I've seen anything like this. Do you play this solo or multiplayer?

Apr 15, 2017 toxiczammy 134

I have yet to try this single player, because I wanted to try multiplayer first. It has had a successful test run multiplayer and I was actually thinking of trying it single player tomorrow sometime. Would you like me to report back on here after I try it?

Apr 15, 2017 WingfootRanger 1139

Sure, that would be great. I'd like to hear how it goes, especially since // is probably my favorite tri-sphere combination. It can be a challenge to make such decks work without Gríma, but I like it when they do. With those spheres you can do both questing or combat and have access to so many great cards it's not even funny. I predict your deck would pair decently with many decks that feature Aragorn, since a guaranteed Sword that was Broken from Gather Information is plain awesome.

Apr 15, 2017 toxiczammy 134

Right, especially if I can give you resources through Arwen Undómiel if you need help to pay for it. I will definitely get back to you. If you want to create a deck to pair with this that would be awesome, and I wouldn't mind playing with you on OCTGN sometime, that is, if you're interested.

Apr 15, 2017 D4rkWolf10 313

I owe you a game from two months ago @toxiczammy, which I apologize for never planning! I like this deck a lot, looks like you've really figured out a good way to utilize Prince Imrahil. Nicely done!

Apr 16, 2017 toxiczammy 134

@WingfootRanger I would not recommend single player with this deck as it needs more time to set up than usual. It can succeed at solo play, but I needed to change the deck around a bit. In the configuration displayed here it needs at least one other deck to take the heat for openers.

@D4rkWolf10 No worries man, you let me know when you want to get a game in and we shall do it! Thank you, I've been working for a while on this deck. I wish it did better solo but Imrahil decks solo are difficult. I'd say my best solo Imrahil deck is: ringsdb.com