Make Eagles Great Again

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Srbandrews 8

This hasn't been playtested a great deal but the few times I've played it, it's been fairly successful and fun. The first thing to note is that one of the Rod of the Stewards should be a Steward of Gondor, but I still only have one core set.

There's nothing especially fancy about how it plays outside the usual Eagle combos, but with Hirgon those eagles are just a little bit easier to get into play now. A very nice opening turn I've managed a couple of times is to get Eagles of the Misty Mountains out turn one by giving a Denethor resource to Hirgon and playing it after questing for -1, and the Sneak Attacking a Descendant of Thorondor in to clear up some enemies and then get eaten to buff Eagles of the Misty Mountains.

You should have more than enough resources to play with, so Legolas and Erestor become particularly useful for card draw and filtering out any uniques that you've already played.