Speedy Brand

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Seastan 11329

I have a fascination for non-Vilya Elrond decks. I think the power of Vilya is incredible, but I think it can be so good that people overlook how good Elrond is on his own. His statline is incredible, and it's sad to seem him exhausted at the end of ever planning phase.

In this deck we put him to work as a defender. Mulligan for some combination of Master of the Forge/A Burning Brand/Light of Valinor. The deck has a strong start because right from turn 1 you can put the brand on Elrond, and then negate shadow effects for the rest of the game.

The rest of the necessities for a solo deck are all here:

Once you load up Elrond with some Unexpected Courage he can start trivializing multiple enemy attacks per round. Protector of Lórien can help boost his defense, and the Warden of Healing is there to help with any damage that gets through.

The deck is powerful, but not overtly so. Negating every shadow effect from turn 1 onward has a HUGE impact on the game.