Hail, Aragorn! (Multiplayer Saga Build)

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dylante 7

My own take on an Aragorn focused deck. The goal here is to make him our ultimate savior with the aid of Amarthiúl and Arwen.

Opening Hand

  • Ideally, we want load Aragorn with as many attachments as possible, especially those which give him different resource icons, as he will be our primary bank for the quest. That being said, if any attachments cannot be played in the first turn, Tighten Our Belts could potentially grant you a large sum of resources for the next turn.


  • As stated, we clearly want to make Aragorn our BE ALL, END ALL Hero and, with the right combination of attachments, this can be achieved very easily. Every round, with attachments or not, Aragorn and Arwen should be questing while Amarthiúl remains readied as our primary defender/attacker. By the time attachments are added (Wingfoot, Unexpected Courage, Steed of the North, Light of Valinor), Aragorn and Arwen should be able to quest and attack/defend every round without any consequence. After engaging enemies and, ideally, each hero stands readied, we can choose who will be our defender and attacker. In the beginning, Amarthiúl seems a better option to defend, as she should have attached Armored Destrier to defend multiple hits and Blood of Númenor to add more shields. Later on, Aragorn will ideally be our best defender as he can potentially have 9 HP (w/ Ring of Barahir + Celebrían's Stone, Sword that was Broken and Thror's Map ) and Blood of Númenor to add more shields as well. For attacking, both Amarthiúl and Aragorn have a great attack stat already, but with Tale of Tinúviel Arwen will make either of them amazing.