Minimum Purchase - Into the Pit Solo

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Box of Hats 477

Minimum purchase deck for the first Khazad-Dum quest, so it only includes a single core and the expansion in question. It beat the quest, but it was a long grind. Conserving threat seemed important.

Bifur in the lore slot provided resource smoothing. If you're lucky and draw Henamarth, Cave Torch becomes a major boon. The lore allies were also important for dealing with the conditions, either by discarding them or readying heroes to avoid the end of combat trigger.

Losing out on Steward of Gondor and Sneak Attack is unfortunate based on the spheres selected, but I think the other spheres are a little more specialized in their usefulness here.

Thalin is tempting over Gimli, and also works well with the Erebor Record Keepers. The quest has several two health enemies that die to Thalin + Gondorian Spearman. However, Gimli helps to power through the patrol leader later on.


Sep 04, 2016 Solar 19

Interesting to read. I'd been trying to build a solo / deck focused around Dain Ironfoot but just couldn't handle the locations. Based on your deck considering Bifur and Glóin to back him up. instead using Narvi's Belt on Bifur to help pay for cards...

Sep 04, 2016 Solar 19

Actually found a similar deck to what I was thinking - 'dwarf lore leadership' by @tophern

Will build mine first and compare.

Mar 10, 2018 Ceazor 10

Gimli and Bifurfound courage in the presence of the Lady Éowyn. They walk softly and found far fewer goblins than were expected. The Chamber of Records seemed unguarded for the most part, and entrance was easily granted.

10 completed rounds = 100 Total combined Threat = 42 Total damage on Heroes = 8 Cost of dead Heroes = 0 Victory points = 4 TOTAL SCORE = 146

Mar 25, 2020 mtngrown 37

That's pretty ambitious. Into the Pit gave me a real fit, and I played progression + both Hobbit boxes.