Ready for the Storm [(mostly) Noldor Swarm]

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ransomman 209

Narya and Faramir are at it again with their Ally readying shenanigans!

When Sword-thain was spoiled people were excited about readying certain Allies-turned-heroes several times for outrageous effect. I think Narya and Faramir can achieve this in a much more cost-effective and sensible way.

For example, with this deck you can exhaust Arwen Undómiel to quest giving Gildor Inglorion +1 , ready Gildor and Arwen with Narya giving them +1 to stats, exhaust Arwen for A Very Good Tale, giving Gildor +1 , engage an enemy, ready Arwen with Faramir, defend puny enemy with Arwen giving Gildor +1 , and then block meaty enemy with a 7 Gildor! And why?! Cuz you can!

Now this is not really super likely to happen but you can consistently give allies +2 between Arwen and Narya and have them all ready for Action all the time!

Lindon Navigator was panned by the COTR Podcast guys because they thought that one card per turn is too much to ask for her ability. I would agree with this if you had a ton ton ton of discard effects that were competing for attention. However, in this deck she's a big part of the consistent draw engine. We need her to consistently trash Elven-light since we don't have Hero Arwen Undómiel or Éowyn. I would consider 3 of her.

All of the s go onto Círdan the Shipwright, no exceptions!! He is absolutely a boss that needs the action advantage and resources.

The problem with this deck is that it is not extremely heavy. I would consider maybe a few more heavy hitters like the new Glorfindel coming soon.

Try it out. You'll definitely have fun in the first two quests of The Grey Havens... might want to try something different for the third quest!


Aug 08, 2016 WanderingTook 1283

This deck has been spotlighted by Cardboard of the Rings:

Aug 08, 2016 ransomman 209

Hey thanks for the shout @WanderingTook! Nice to see you guys are really going deep into the annals of Ringsdb for content! I enjoyed using this deck to get through 2/3 of grey havens as I mention in the last bit of the description. I might have to revisit the concept with a few updated cards :)