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McDog3 397

This is a mono-tactics questing deck, that is solo-able. Yup, you can beat many quests using this deck alone, with no help from the other silly questing spheres.

You are looking for either Legolas or Eagles of the Misty Mountains in your opening hand so it can be played on the first round. If the quest hits you hard with enemies immediately, instead look for defenders such as Winged Guardian or Defender of Rammas.

The purpose of this deck is to quest successfully with Hirgon, so he can immediately play an ally at reduced cost. Those pesky 4 cost cards like Legolas and Eagles of the Misty Mountains can now come out in a single round! If you really need a defender (or to kill an enemy) this round, don't forget about his bonus ability to up the ally's stats for the round.

Legolas, Foe-hammer, and The Eagles Are Coming! are the typical card-draw engine here, but Bofur should be used to grab the elusive weapons for the use of Foe-hammer (don't forget Raiment of War is a weapon, getting at least one of those on a Defender of Rammas means you have a solid defender for the rest of the game!) Once you have a few weapons on the board, Bofur can turn his focus to either helping out questing or attacking.

Early Game:

Quest with everyone, holding Théoden back only if you really want an extra defender (or didn't get one in the opening hand). Get Legolas into play, or use The Eagles Are Coming! to dig for all the eagles cards.

Mid Game:

Hopefully at least one Eagle of the Misty Mountains is in play at this point, so you can turn towards focusing on powering up the eagle by using your Vassal of the Windlords or chumping with Descendant of Thorondors. If there are other players in the game who are questing well, you can now reliably hold back Theoden for killing things or defending for other players.

Late Game:

Support of the Eagles is meant to go on Theoden. With that he can easily defend boss enemies for other players or swing for the fences during attacking. In dire situations, Grappling Hook + Support of the Eagles = ridiculous level of spurt questing.


Dec 12, 2017 FolcoBoffin 165

I love the grappling hook + support of the eagles combo. I might use that in one of my own decks.

Dec 13, 2017 McDog3 397

Thanks! The jank doesn't always work out but when that jank does work it is a wonderful feeling!

Dec 14, 2017 The BGamerJoe 2849

I love a good Hirgon deck! I highlighted your deck along with a couple similar decks on the LOTR Testing Ground blog! lotrdecktest.wordpress.com

Dec 14, 2017 McDog3 397

Thanks @The BGamerJoe! I am honored to be a part of your blog, you're dong a great job with it!