Advancing Series - Solo - MEC02 - The Hunt for Gollum

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CasoloGamer 83

Bilbo Baggins imho better than Beravor, but that's just my opinion. And he has to be in a deck with Advancing Series ;) Obvious job - Draw cards every turn! 2 defense (2 HP is low though)
Éowyn the quest master.
Théodred cheap hero. And helps with resources.

Song of Kings for Eowyn, she will have Steward of Gondor and will help Theodred with resources.

SK + G as always.

A Test of Will this time will help us for False Leads if happens in 3B. Remember to have it there if you have one clue.

Radagast's Cunning oh it can help you with Hunters from Mordor very much.

The Galadhrim's Greeting spend it asap, you want to have low threat, do not engage Hunters. Kill them with Gandalf if possible.

Try to beat each quest in 1 or 2 attempts or go for ties. You do not wanna spam your staging area with those forced effects on quests, unless you still do not have at least one clue.

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