Deck Tech: Some Boromir Nonsense

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chrsjxn 2447

Hey everyone,

Chris here with a nice, easy deck for when you just want to throw down with some orcs. Boromir's recent errata means he can't defend as many attacks as you want, but two per combat phase is usually more than enough.

Cards and Strategy:

Dúnedain Hunter and Dunedain Pathfinder are in here, because the last deck reminded me how much I like stats for free. Yes, you have to deal with an encounter card, but that's usually not too much of a penalty in solo. And you do get a bit of choice in the matter.

Erestor is all the card draw the deck needs, combined with Arwen Undómiel to ensure we can pay for two cost allies when we draw them. Elf-friend even lets Boromir get two resources in a round.

The most complicated aspect of the deck is the interplay between Eregion Survivor and Lindon Navigator. The Navigator's discard happening after you resolve a quest means the Survivors don't get their stat boost if you're using them both to quest. (Or you have to discard the Navigator afterwards.) So depending on what you need, you should either quest with all the Navigators or all the Survivors. Best case, you quest with Navigators and use the Survivors' two attack to help kill something.

As for the attachments, Light of Valinor and Elven Spear are primarily for Erestor. Captain of Gondor and Gondorian Shield are for Boromir. You could sub in another weapon for Secret Vigil, if you want Boromir to attack back more often, but I'm not convinced they're all that necessary.

Final Thoughts:

I played pretty sloppily in this video, mostly where Eregion Survivors are concerned. I always had enough extra willpower, or ways to discard the cards, so it didn't really matter. I also forgot Boromir didn't have a shield when I drew the second copy, and again when I drew the third...

But I'm going to play the deck again, especially now that I've got a better handle on how the one complexity works.

If you want to check out the video, it's on youtube here, or just stick on ringsdb and check out my other decks!


Jan 11, 2018 WingfootRanger 1612

It looks like an interesting aggro deck, I am intrigued. I think I will give it a try.

Jan 11, 2018 eldub 260

Been looking for a way to use Elven Spear, and this one is my ticket, it seems. Gonna check it out, for sure.

Jan 14, 2018 WingfootRanger 1612

Having played the deck a few times, I got to say it has a pretty good kick to it. It doesn't take long for it to simultaneously build up questing while handling combat, even in the early rounds. It sometimes takes quite a beating in the early rounds, but that can happen when you use Dúnedain Hunter. Thanks to the healing available, it tends to shrug off the damage later.

I played it against Escape from Umbar just to get a sense of what it can handle, and it pulled off a victory without too much trouble. So then I brought it against The Thing in the Depths for a greater challenge. I basically lost the first attempt after losing Erestor to an ill-timed shadow effect, but the second attempt ended in victory after a vicious early game.

One thing I observed was that Erestor almost always had a card to spend his resources on, even if it was just Ioreth, but Boromir and Arwen tend to pile up unused resources since some of those and allies are 0-cost. Maybe Elf-friend could be replaced with something that would fit the resource curve better and bring more oomph. Perhaps Guardian of Rivendell, but I'm not sure yet. Anyways, it still is a great aggro deck that was fun to play, so thanks @chrsjxn