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The Purple Wizard 246

Pretty standard Silvan fare here, with the exception of Thurindir. I picked him because there are two essential attachments in this deck (O Lórien! and Nenya) and with the surety of Gather Information in your first hand you should be able to get both in play very quickly. Mulligan for at least one of them. He also doesn't require any deck space to be useful, so I could load the rest of the deck up with all things Silvan. If you're up against a quest that leaves no space for side quests you can swap Thurindir out for any number of Lore heroes.

It is ESSENTIAL to get an ally out on turn one. Silvan Refugee, Henamarth Riversong, Defender of the Naith, O Lórien! and a costlier ally, or using A Good Harvest for anyone, once someone is in play you have so many more options available to you. You quest better, have a defender ready in case of attack, have a target for Feigned Voices or The Tree People, and generally feel better about life. A starting hand that can't get an ally out round one is another reason to mulligan.

Legolas in play is your next goal. There are three ways to do it: The Tree People, A Very Good Tale, and A Good Harvest. These are also your options for the Marksman of Lórien, though she's not nearly the priority Legolas is.

With lots of sentinel and ranged, this deck is made with multiplayer in mind. Ideally someone else engages most/all the enemies and you give them plenty of assistance. If you do get stuck with an enemy, try to kill it quickly. This deck isn't built to take the pounding of repeated attacks and you'll eventually run out of chump blockers.

Lastly, you'll find tons of healing in this deck! With the Silvan Trackers in play you're an archery magnet. Daughter of the Nimrodel doesn't show up in many decks anymore but with all the ways to cheat her into play free or at a discount here she's worthwhile. She's also your only way of healing Thurindir or Galadriel, who lack the Silvan trait.