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chrsjxn 2535

Hey everyone,

Chris here with the most event heavy deck I've ever built. And nearly all of them will draw you cards! This is a deck for people who want to take the longest planning phase and always hold on to a grip of cards.

The key card that we want to see over and over again is, unsurprisingly, Unlikely Friendship. It replaces itself, and you can wait until you've drawn the card to decide which hero needs the resource the most.


Draw cards with Galadriel every planning phase. The extra draw really helps chaining the draw events, and the threat reduction helps in many quests to avoid engaging enemies. This is a deck with a good questing crew, but not a great amount of combat potential without Gandalf.

Galadhrim Weaver is meant to reshuffle Unlikely Friendship, but you can definitely put Sneak Attack or other very useful events back into your deck if you need to. And, along similar lines, when you return a silvan to your hand with Feigned Voices or The Tree People, the Weaver should probably be your first choice.

Guardian of Rivendell is a reasonable defensive choice, and you'll probably want to play one or two of them in quests this deck is suited to. But developing willpower with the silvan allies is probably a higher priority. They also let you discard Elven-light for a little bit of emergency draw.

Lastly, Will of the West allows you to reshuffle your discard back into your deck. It'll generally be just events, if things are going well, but any allies that die should be a welcome addition. The threat reduction from an extra round of Elrond's Counsel can also be helpful.

Final Thoughts:

This deck is definitely very suited to questing over anything else. Odds are pretty good you can play two silvan allies in the first round, so you can quest for about 10 right away, and it continues to build pretty steadily.

And overall, the deck's threat should drop over the course of a quest, which is always fun, and a good hallmark of Galadriel decks.

Foundations of Stone was great for this, in the video. Low threat meant I didn't have to engage some of the obnoxious enemies in the second half of the quest, and I did get a little bit lucky not to draw too many Nameless Things. The final phase was very slow, though, because Bifur got hit by Lost and Alone. And Galadriel can't quest naturally, so the questing was limited.

The second video should show the progression and the willpower potential a little better. Though I probably should have swapped Faramir in for Nenya for that one.

You can check out the Foundations of Stone video here, or you can check out my other decks here on ringsdb.

Thanks for watching!


Feb 07, 2018 Olander 57

With all that carddraw why dont you add the greenwood archer for some combat prowess?

Feb 10, 2018 chrsjxn 2535

Video two for this deck is going up this morning. You can check it out here!

This deck really does turn out to be incredibly effective for sailing. Especially for Belegaer.

I've got a lot of allies, and with the help of the Narelenya, they come out fast. They're all better at questing than anything else, which helps, too. And the deck has enough threat reduction to avoid having to engage any ships, even when off course.

I think I would swap out Nenya for Faramir most of the time, though. I discarded it instead of playing it twice in this video, and there's only one copy in the deck.

This is also a good reminder of why I don't play some quests on video. This one's half an hour long, and it's just nine rounds.

Thanks for watching!