Deck Tech: A Burning Erkenbrand

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chrsjxn 2535

Hey everyone,

Chris here with a deck I brewed up specifically to play some Nightmare Mode quests for the channel.

I was going to play Beregond, or Boromir, but everyone already knows how powerful those heroes are. So, instead, I started with Erkenbrand! Built in shadow canceling is fantastic, and the need to buff his defense a bit led me right back to Erestor and Protector of Lórien.

And it worked out quite well in the Nightmare quests I've tried so far.


This is a single pass Erestor deck, so you get once chance to play each card you see. With that in mind, I would mulligan out of any hand that starts off with too many of your key cards. All three Dúnedain Warning in a single hand? Nope. Ship it back. Both Warden of Healing and a Protector of Lórien? Nope!

Light of Valinor and a Protector of Lórien go on Erestor, more or less as soon as you can. He has better combat stats than Arwen, and makes for a decent emergency defender if you haven't gotten Erkenbrand's readying online.

But all the other attachments are for Erkenbrand. Two Armored Destrier, three Unexpected Courage, and all the Lembas a man can eat. Realistically, you won't get to this many, but it really helps to be able to take a couple of attacks each round.

There are a few location control cards, because Nightmare Mode brings some nasty ones. Thror's Map and Thrór's Key are cheap ways to deal with nasty travel or passive location effects. Though if I weren't playing this solo, I'd be looking for more ways to clear locations out of the staging area instead of just reducing their effects.

And the remaining allies are mostly just good bulk. Eregion Survivor does a ton of work with Erestor and Protector of Lorien. And the less well appreciated Ranger of Cardolan is basically the same body for a few more resources.

Final Thoughts:

Today's video is Nightmare Into the Pit. I was looking forward to canceling the shadow of Sudden Pitfall, but I got it as a regular encounter card instead. Thankfully I had a questing ally to discard.

It was a good quest otherwise, though. Definitely significantly harder than regular Into the Pit, though I cheesed the first two stages a little bit to help me out.

The deck definitely did it's thing, though. Erkenbrand defends, the other heroes quest, and you slowly but steadily empty out the staging area. Once that happens, one encounter card per round is really not that bad. (Though I think I surge chained up to four cards at least once. I know there's a three card chain in there.)

If you want to watch the video, it's up on youtube here.

Thanks for watching!