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sappidus 497

Are you embarrassed when your friends see you take out Hirluin and you have to suffer under their withering, judgemental stares? "Outlands!?" they scoff. "Laaame."

Have the last laugh with this deck! Everyone will assume you're playing thematic Noldor. Don't give away your secret too early… Set up Light of Valinor, search out Asfaloth with a Horse-breeder, cancel a treachery or two… Go ahead, play your Ethir Swordsmen as you draw them—by themselves they will arouse no suspicion.

Throw down those Pathfinders with aplomb, too! When your tablemates complain that you're going to aggravate location lock, just wave your hand vaguely and dismissively and say, "It'll be fine…"

All the while, you've been quietly Arwening Elven-light each round to build up Elrond's resource pool, as well as drawing that extra card. Slide resources his way with Envoys, too.

As damage accumulates on the board, your mates might ask you where your healing is. Mutter truthfully, "I haven't drawn a Warden…"

Eventually, though your heroes are of course strong contributors, your group may find yourself falling behind the encounter deck. Your mates may begin to despair. "What are you doing with all those resources?!" Perhaps, misled by the Noldor, they'll think you've planned for a Gildor you still haven't drawn—let them believe what they will.

Then, just when all seems lost and everyone else is ready to raise the white flag, vomit out a bunch of Outlands allies. Try not to look too smug as you lean back in your chair and put on sunglasses.


Mar 13, 2018 TheChad 2771

Playing Outlands.....with style!

Mar 13, 2018 Wandalf the Gizzard 681