2-Player-Intended Dwarf Deck

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Get 5 Dwarves as soon as possible. Typically, by the second turn you will have 5 Dwarves, but occasionally, with a good draw, you can get 5 Dwarves into play on the first turn.

Get Legacy of Durin and Steward of Gondor in play. Steward of Gondor will almost always go on Ori. Now all you have to do is play massive amounts of Dwarves and quest heavy.

Use Sneak Attack/Gandalf liberally and combo with Word of Command if possible to search for cards that are situational, such as Hardy Leadership, Erebor Battle Master, Narvi's Belt, Will of the West, or Lure of Moria.

Recycle deck with Will of the West, generally after all copies of Sneak Attack and Gandalf have been played.

This deck is designed to be played with this deck, but does well in all player counts.