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This deck is designed to be flexible and this is just a base-line for what the deck should look like. Often times, depending on what scenario you are playing, you will need to switch out some cards. For example, Northern Tracker, traps, Thror's Map, and Thrór's Key are all occasionally useless against certain scenarios. You can very easily remove the cards that will be useless and replace them with other situational cards that accommodate the specific threats of the scenario you want to play.

This deck is designed to be played with this deck. They complement each other.

Playing this deck is difficult to describe in general terms since the choices you will have to make, especially in the early stage of the game, will dictate the rest of the game. You will have to choose between prioritizing making Elrond a strong defender, getting cards in play for location control, getting healing into play, or spamming with Vilya. Determining which of these is the best option at any given time will lead to success.

Light of Valinor, Asfaloth, Vilya+Unexpected Courage, Arwen Undómiel, Quickbeam, and Ranger Spikes all make for a decent early game giving enough time for both this deck and the complementary deck to set up.

A Burning Brand, Cloak of Lórien, Unexpected Courage, Lembas, and Arwen Undómiel make Elrond a strong, reliable defender that will carry you through many scenarios.

Elfhelm/Gandalf helps mitigate threat raising, but if a scenario requires more, The Galadhrim's Greeting can always be included. Occasionally two copies of Elfhelm is worth it since you will want to ensure you find one to play.

Vilya allows you to get your high-cost allies into play.