5 Dwarves

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sappidus 497

Most 5-dwarves deck get far more than 5 out on the table. What a misnomer! Haven't you ever thought that exactly 5 should be enough? That anything more is simply unseemly? Well, regardless of whether you have or not, this deck will ensure you can have only precisely 5 (given Bombur's ability).

You will want to mulligan for that last piece, Bifur; the usual draw suite should help you find him. A Good Harvest can enable you to play him on the very first turn. Once he's on board, you'll be drawing two per turn, and making four total resources as well… It's like a Resourceful and Bilbo in one card! (Don't forget his Response can be triggered off himself, too.)

After that, you'll be able to play out any of the plethora of 2-cost allies you'll almost certainly be drawing into, with Song of Wisdom (or extra Good Harvests) eventually letting you use Thorin's deep pockets for them too.

Fun fact: even if you start a round with 0 resources, you can still quest with Thorin and Ori, play We Are Not Idle using Bombur, and still Lure of Moria up your Exactly 5 dwarves for action later in the round!