Direct damage with Gondor

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Uncertain _Sage 3

Deck I built for Week 1 of the Reddit Weekly Quest I tried to build a deck that focused on the featured cards Thalin does direct damage and For Gondor! is a global buff that boosts attack and Gondor characters defense.

For direct damage i included Descendant of Thorondor Gondorian Spearman Azain Silverbeard Defender of Cair Andros and Spear of the Citadel. to maximize For Gondor! I included some select Gondor allies Hirgon also provides a buff to attack and defense and I wanted to give him a try and Denethor helps smooth resources. no card is relay necessary but the +2 willpower from Celebrían's Stone is needed to make Thalin really work

I may try swapping the leadership for Argalad to double down on the staging area damage.