Scout's Protectors

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Anordinaryhero 52

This is a combat/healing support deck to be played alongside another questing deck. It was specifically designed to play alongside my deck Patrolling Scouts, which holds a few of the key cards it needs to work best- specifically Unexpected Courage and Armored Destrier for readying, and The Day's Rising for resource acceleration on Beregond.

You really don't need much in the way of resource acceleration, though, as this is an inexpensive deck by design. I've played full games where The Day's Rising doesn't show up and as long as you make careful choices with timing, the deck still performs exceptionally well.

This is mainly because Beregond and Haldir are incredible cards. In this build, you generally want your teammate to be engaging everything, so that Haldir's power stays online every turn. Ideally, once everything is set up, Haldir should be one-shotting an enemy before their attack, and then Beregond should be able to block 2 or 3 times at 6 block, which frees up Idraen and Legolas in its partner deck to attack whatever's in front of them, as well.

A few notes:

-The ideal starting hand has Gondorian Shield and Bow of the Galadhrim. Since the Shield can be played on Beregond for free, you can put both out on turn one, and have a 6 Defense Beregond and a 5 Attack Haldir.

-Getting Haldir to 7/8 Attack makes a massive difference. This should be priority one.

-#Behind Strong Walls is a great card to save a resource for early on. It's got a small Defense boost if you haven't found your Shield yet, and the readying can save you from an awful turn. Also, if you ever have to engage in a pinch, you can keep things from getting rough by playing Coney in a Trap.

-Thurindir/Gather Information is one of my favorite combos in the game. You should almost always Setup with it in your hand, and then when you complete it, your partner deck can use its trigger to grab another, while you fish out either Keep Watch or an equipment for Haldir or Beregond.