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TalesftCards 4415

This deck is my latest attempt at building a coherent Harad deck. It features Grima to help with getting the expensive unique Harad allies out quickly. Grima's ability is also quite useful for getting Steward of Gondor out first turn. The rest of the deck is fairly straightforward as far as using the typical Harad strategy of getting the big allies out as quickly as possible and then letting them carry the weight. Some key notes:

  • Jubayr's defense can be buffed with Arwen, Narya, and Kahliel's Tribesman. With those buffs, he is able to defend strong attacks without worrying about shadows (at least from non-unique enemies). He can also ready twice during the combat phase: once using Kahliel's ability and once from Narya.
  • Speaking of Narya, Light of Valinor allows Cirdan to quest and use the ring as well to get those additional defenses and attacks from Jubayr and Yazan.
  • This deck does tend to pile up resources once the expensive cards are already out, so Song of Hope lets Kahliel use his resources to shore up willpower. A weakness of this deck is that it does have a willpower ceiling since there are only a few different characters available for questing (most of the allies are copies of uniques), so Song of Hope helps with this potential shortcoming.
  • Threat reduction helps counteract Grima's ability and the high starting threat of 31.
  • Once the important cards are out, Kahliel can start using his Headress to cycle Harad cards in the discard pile back into the deck so that they can be used for readying using Kahliel's ability.

The most important card you want to see in your opening hand is Steward of Gondor. If you don't see Steward, then Keys of Orthanc or Captain's Wisdom are you back-up plans. Once your resource generation is in operation, simply play out the unique allies as they come. If you have a choice of which to play first, given that this is mostly a solo focused deck, I think Firyal is the best choice since she can help manage the encounter deck and avoid those early bad draws. Then, Jubayr provides a solid defense, with Yazan coming last as the attacker. But, in general, usually the choice will be made for you depending on which you draw first.

Finally, the Wardens of Healing are crucial in order to keep Jubayr on the board, since damage may seep through if his buffs aren't on the table yet.


Apr 06, 2018 Seastan 16848

Looks like a fun deck! Given Kahliel's ability, I think I prefer Peace, and Thought in a deck like this over Deep Knowledge.

Apr 07, 2018 AdmiralACF 33

I just watched your Tea Time Tales and came by to suggest Peace, and Thought, but @Seastan beat me to it. Other options would be Steward of Orthanc (another way to trigger your Keys of Orthanc and adds some more willpower, though threat is already an issue with this deck) and Rod of the Steward (if your resource acceleration actually shows up).

A more out-there suggestion would be a Palantir. Stick it on Kahliel and you can use his ability to ready him if needed. It also gives you perfect knowledge when deciding whether or not to discard with Firyal's ability. The down side, obviously, is even more threat raise, which makes this a less than ideal option.

Apr 07, 2018 TalesftCards 4415

@Seastan``@AdmiralACFI like the Peace, and Thought suggestion a lot. Usually it's not too difficult to find 2 spare hero actions in this deck and 5 cards would do a ton to accelerate the card draw over Deep Knowledge.

Apr 07, 2018 philkav 35

I've been using a similar deck to go through the whole cycle recently (I just use Pippin over our old favorite Grima for my Lore splash) and another nice card for the Cirdan and Kahliel duo is Silver Harp. It can obviously keep both cards you draw with Cirdan but it also allows you to keep the card you discard for Kahliel's ability so you can get a silly amount of actions out of your allies.