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felswrath 63

This is Deck 1/2 (Here is Deck 2/2) of the 6 hero dwarf deck that I have created and optimized. Sideboard cards can be swapped in or out depending on quest and desire. I have played through solo and dual handing from Core through Grey Havens with few issues.

Steward of Gondor can definitely be swapped out to increase the theme as Thorin Oakenshield usually generates enough resources for Leadership. Steward just makes it easy mode.

Play: Mulligan for Steward of Gondor or Fili. You can then get 5 dwarves in round 2 now. Nori generally quests, Dáin Ironfoot does nothing except for occasionally defend in a pinch, and Thorin Oakenshield gets the unexpected courage to quest and attack.

Other attachments: Celebrían's Stone goes on Thalin (on the other deck) to boost him to 4 questing Song of Travel goes on Thorin Steward of Gondor Steward goes on Thorin, Nori, or even Thalin on the other deck to resource smooth (situational) Unexpected Courage goes on Thorin or the other deck Gimli (again situational)

Mine as much as you can with Zigil Miner, King Under the Mountain, and Erebor Guard to get out your Ered Luin Miner out for free. Use Dwarf Pipe to save mined cards that you want to cycle them back in. Hidden Cache is currently in sideboard as it's in the other deck to promote some resource generation. Hidden Cache can be added back in if you're playing this single.

Dwalin and the Erebor Guard are your dedicated defenders. The other deck can lend them some Raiment of War to beef up their defense and Hardy Leadership makes them a little beefier. Arwen Undómiel helps boost their defense every round as well.

Glóin helps resource smooth and comes out at a bargain. He becomes a dedicated quester.

Fili, Kili and the Ered Luin Miners can quest or attack for 2 a piece which adds up.

Dwarven Sellswords work great with Steward and Thorin's ability. They are super toolboxy.

Strengths: Threat reduction, high questing, resource generations, swarms, Spirit treachery cancellations.

Ok at: defense, resource smoothing,

Weaknesses: Healing, alpha strike attacks, no ranged

Sideboard: Dúnedain Cache can be worked in to play on other Gimli to be able to range attack as he is the heavy hitter Gimli (ally) worked in when not playing the second deck in conjunction Northern Tracker worked in on Location lock quests


Apr 17, 2018 Spellpierce 20

Hi, i played some type of this deck too. Im playing a green/purple version now, that feels better to me because i can swap green ressource with Bifur and the chaper green dwarfs feel a little better to my. Still the blue Version ist nice and strong and the Trestreduction is very usefull in this type of deck.

What im Missing is Amored Destrier (played on Dain) and some mix of Dwarfen Shield... so you have a very good Blocker, that untaps after Blocking ... so he still offers his +Points to other Dwarfs in the Attack Phase.

Missing too: Gimli? I play to of this great Ally! a 3,3,3 Profile which untaps most times you need it (Enemy is reveald) ... to good to not play it i think!

Legacy of Numenor feels better than Tighten Our Belt because it is faster.

I feel you have to much Blue cards... i would swap some Blue out because you want to keep Resources for Test of Will / Stroke ... (if playing the Armord Destrier you can maybe swap out some Hasty stroke.

Very strong for me feels Faramir ... for every Swarm Deck... Faramir + Dain = +2 Quest for each Char... feels very good.

Apr 17, 2018 Wandalf the Gizzard 822

I like putting UC on Dain to quest and defend or to defend and still buff the other dwarves for attack. I put Cram on Thorin.

Apr 17, 2018 felswrath 63

@Spellpierce - I started with Lore originally (Bifur then Ori). If you notice, this deck is paired with a red/green dwarf deck with Ori in it gaining all the green benefits of healing and card draw

I don't have Armored Destrier in there because between Dwalin, Erebor Guards with Rainment of war and Sentinel Longbeard Sentry from the other deck, Dain needs do nothing oftentimes other than help buff everyone around him. Same goes for Dwarven shield. I use allies to block.

Gimli is great and in the sideboard for when I'm not dual decking. However, Tactics Gimli is in the other dwarf deck I run concurrently which is why he's not in there.

Tighten our Belts is a sideboard mostly to include when I have to take Steward out for a 4 player game where someone else needs it.

I don't usually have a resource problem with too many blue cards. Steward on Nori or Song of Travel on Thorin usually does the trick for resource smoothing there.

Faramir is overkill for 4 cost I've found. I already usually have TONS of extra willpower for questing.

@Wandalf the GizzardI had Cram in earlier versions, I just found I don't need Dain's questing power as much with how quickly I can swarm out allies. UC is toolboxy enough of a card that it can go on Thorin, Dain, or on Gimli from the other deck depending on the quest, when it's drawn and how much of my own re-reading is out there.