King Under the Mountain (2 of 2)

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felswrath 63

Deck 2/2 of a 6 hero dwarf deck covering all 4 spheres (Deck 1/2). The other deck has the leadership and spirit spheres. This deck is to compliment with a strong attack, defense, and healing.

Play: Mulligan for Horn of Gondor or some sort of hit point increase for Gimli such as Citadel Plate. Thalin is a dedicated questor. Celebrían's Stone and Dáin Ironfoot from the other deck make him quest for 4. Ori usually quests Gimli defends early or takes undefended attacks to early to get him to hit harder. Then he becomes a dedicated attacker with multiple attacks from Erebor Record Keeper's ability or Unexpected Courage from the other deck.

-Allys: Azain Silverbeard is an attacker, Bofur generally quests, Erebor Record Keeper save their ability or quests with no Lore resources available that round, Ered Nimrais Prospector mines then quests or attacks. Longbeard Sentry is a dedicated defender once Gimli has enough damage, Veteran Axehand attacks, Warden of Healing... heals.

Mine cards with Ered Nimrais Prospector, Longbeard Sentry and Well-Equipped for Hidden Cache. I have Ered Luin Miners in the other deck, but that can be pulled in if playing solo.

Attachments: 2x Citadel Plate go on Gimli Dwarrowdelf Axe go on Thorin Oakenshield (the other deck), or your other attackers if playing solo. Horn of Gondor goes on Thalin, along with Song of Wisdom. All resources generated by Hidden cache go on him for resource smoothing Legacy of Durin goes on anyone to help with card draw. Raiment of War goes on Longbeard Sentry or the other decks' defenders (Erebor Guard, Dwalin Vigilant Guard goes on Gimli and he can soak damage from the defenders on the board

Strengths: Alpha attack, healing, Damage mitigation, card draw

Weaknesses: resources, questing.


Apr 17, 2018 Wandalf the Gizzard 822

Oof, I don't know about defending with Ori, that's pretty risky.

Apr 17, 2018 felswrath 63

@Wandalf the Gizzard Only in a pinch against chumps. I suppose that's rare when I do that and when I can guarantee to cancel shadows from the other deck or soak damage onto Gimli from Vigilant Guard. It's very circumstantial, enough that I may just take it out of the write up as he usually quests.