Thorin's Quest #1

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Thematic Hobbit OHAUH
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Tubarush 98

Deck #1 for Hobbit Saga.

1st Quest (We Must Away....) Notes:

2nd Quest (Misty Mountains...): Used same deck

3rd Quest (Dungeons Deep...): Made changes to add more allies and increase odds of solving riddles (all cards added have cost of 2). These changes may have worked out well in first 2 quests as well. -2 Longbeard Elder -1 Longbeard Sentry -1 Erebor Guard -1 Dwarrowdelf Axe -2 Heavy Stroke -2 To me! O my kinsfolk! -1 Lure of Moria +3 Blue Mountain Trader +3 Veteran Axehand +1 Zigil Miner +1 Dwarven Axe +2 King Under the Mountain