Sweet, Dangerous Honey

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The (Second) Last Alliance of Men and Elves
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Alonewolf87 92

Alonewolf87 has updated this deck: Sweet, Dangerous Honey

This is the Lore deck for a 4 Mono-Sphere Decks Fellowship.

The primary focuses of this deck are healing, card draw (for both itself and the other players), and playing traps.

60 cards might be a strange sight, but with the great number of draw options in this deck it still flows quite well.

Faramir often becomes a powerhouse between traps that keep the enemy in the staging area and Advance Warning. He often helps Legolas and the Leadership heroes with the kills. Preferred target for Wingfoot (and Steward of Gondor for thematic reasons).

Damrod is up to his usual traps Shenanings and also fit the general Gondor theme of the Fellowship.

Elrond is mainly here to boost all the healing effects in the game. With Burning Brand he's also a good defender, should the need arise.

Notable interactions with the other decks are:

Warden of Healing basically heals everybody.

Asfaloth is played on Spirit Glorfindel.

Dunedain Remedy from Leadership is boosted by Elrond.

Gleowine helps with a targeted drawing effect.

Envoy of Pelargir can quite easily pass resources around due to the great number of Noble and Gondor heroes.

Erebor Hammersmith can help other players recover some vital attachment.

Steward of Gondor is often played onto Faramir (as a thematic choice), since Lore has usually the greatest need for resources. Elrond can also be a good target so he gains the Gondor trait and turns into a great defender with Burning Brand and Gondorian Shield.


Jun 04, 2018 Cav Fan 44

I have always preferred Entangling Nets over Ithilien Pit if you have it. Also with 3 Heroes Anborn should not be too expensive.

Quick question, is Lembas in for Healing or readying? If for healing it does seem a little bit of overkill with 3 Warden of Healing and DĂșnedain Remedy in a partner deck

Jun 04, 2018 Alonewolf87 92

@Cav FanUnfortunately we do not yet have temple of the deceived (just the drowned ruins and city of corsairs from the Dream-Chaser cycle) in our card pool, otherwise Entangling Nets (and Armored Destrier on Leadership) would be auto-include.

We tinkered with Anborn but it was never very effective (especially since we would include only 1 copy of it).

Lembas is mainly for the readying yes, but sometimes can be helpful for a big heal on Beregond/Aragorn. It was also a thematic choice (Athelas was considered also but with just a single possible target on the all Fellowship it seemed wasted - why no Healer trait on Hero Elrond?why?)